AI Marketing Services

By applying machine learning and marketing automation, your business can implement artificial intelligence marketing activities that learn, never tire, and delight your customers.

Artificial intelligence can seem complicated and difficult to implement, but it doesn’t have to be. Digital One helps you and your company plan, train, test, roll-out, and improve a variety of solutions that optimize marketing effectiveness and growth revenue.

Sales and Service Bots

Not handling all customer inquiries effectively? Missing revenue opportunities? Not enough customer service staff to handle the volume? 

Sales and service chatbots can help capture lost revenue, create happier customers, and reduce operating costs.

Intelligent Advertising

Online advertising is complex. It is an enormous space, challenging and always changing. Without machine learning and automation, it is impossible to maximize the potential for results.

You need a technology that automates your campaigns and streamlines your entire approach, as well as tests every feature of your campaign, down to each keyword. No more manual keyword changes, no more pulling levers. Maximize your return on your advertising spend (ROAS) through artificial intelligence.

Content Delivery

Are customer leads engaging with relevant content, information, and messaging that is optimal? Every lead takes a different path to becoming a customer. We create a unique engagement plan for every lead, nurture them right from the beginning, and give them every reason to choose you.

You will understand every activity of your audience—whether on your site or your web app—and offer a personalized experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Email, social media, or SMS—run tailored campaigns on the medium that works best with your audience. The result, your content and campaigns produce higher value for the business.

Big Data & Analytics

It’s impossible for analysts to see trends when there are vast amounts of data, thus your missing opportunities for growth or cost savings.

Machine learning discovers hidden insights that focuses resources effectively and finds new opportunities. It will identify trends or recurring events to predict insights, responses, and reactions so marketers can understand the root cause and likelihood of certain actions repeating.

Unsure where to start? Technology is changing fast. Competitors moving forward.